Authors & Staff

Brian White – Editor

Brian is a medicine majors with experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. Through his insider access to the sector, he has gained valuable insight into the worlds of venture funding and financial management.
Editorial Staff
Sindy Thompson – Contributor

Having studied journalism, Sindy understands the world of print and online media. She has keen interest in investigative journalism and has helped us break quite a few stories on the Internet.

Steven Anderson – Contributor

After a short stint as a semi-pro athlete now Steve is a regular business blogger. He specializes in economics and financial stories.


Sally Masters – Contributor

Since earning a degree in Journalism from the Ohio State University, Sally has written on a wide variety of topics, including health and science news, entertainment news, and finance news, for some of the most popular news sites in America.
Background Researchers
Joyce Ramirez

Joyce has been with Real Facts ever since it was conceived and heads the background research team.

Stan Pace

Stan is a journalism intern and helps the editorial team with background research, fact finding, cross referencing, fact checking and other things.